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About FilAm Go

FilAm Go

FilAm Go, short for Fil-Ams On the Go, brings the Filipino-led and Filipino-American-led events (currently in the East Coast) visible to the global community.

Locals and visiting families and friends now will have an easier access on local East Coast Events without having to scour through social media.


Our goal is to provide an easy access to Filipino-led or Filipino-American led events and enjoy the wholesome experience of the local community.

Connecting Communities

  1. Through this site, more than 80,000 local Filipinos and Filipino American individuals and families connect with us to to find about local events.

  2. The ON-SITE events hosted by non-profit organizations led by Filipino and Filipino-American individuals and groups happen at least three to four events per weekend (per state) especially during the months of April to October.

  3. Locally produced concerts and live shows led by Filipinos and Filipino Americans happen about five times per week.

  4. Through this website and onsite information, local businesses participate to connect with the various audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can add my event in FilAm Go.

A1. Hashtag your event in your social media post.

A2. Email us your high resolution poster at Include as many details that we can copy and paste.

Our team will review the submission. 

We reserve the right to review and post as we see fit.

Q. Is there a cost to add my event in FilAm Go.

A. There is no cost to add your flyer at this time.

Q. Can FilAmGo do the tickets for us

A. It is in our future pipeline of services but not yet at this time

Q. Does FilAmGo only post East Coast Events?

A. Yes. At this time. We are limited to doing East Coast Events.

Q. Why is the poster not readable?

A. The poster may not be readable if the poster submitted is not given with high resolution.

Q. Are the events only for Filipinos and Filipino Americans

A. The events are created and produced by Filipinos or Filipino Americans. However the events are not exclusive for this demographic. 

Let’s Work Together

Email us at and let's start working together

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